Aspace At Nest

Aspace at NestIf you are not already in the know, earlier this year NEST partnered with the folk at ASPACE UK, to bring their beautifully designed children’s furniture to South Africa.

ASPACE are the UK’s leading experts in children’s furniture and lifestyle accessories, with a long and happy tradition of inspiring parents to create lovely spaces for their children. With a style that is both modern and classic, ASPACE is exactly what we look for here at NEST.  Our two businesses are very similar: we both believe in expertise, commitment, quality and inspiration.

Like most of our NEST range, all of the ASPACE furniture is exclusive. They have their own factory in Wiltshire, England that builds their premium furniture ranges and they work closely with partner factories elsewhere to ensure that everything is made to their own precise specifications. All of their factories, UK or overseas, make exclusively for them to their very demanding standards. Just like NEST, ASPACE care about the environment and set high ethical standards.

They work very hard to try and ensure that their factories use timber from responsibly managed and renewable sources; and wherever possible they organise regular audits on a wide range of measures from manufacturing standards to employee welfare. So you can rest easy knowing that your family comes first when it comes to every piece designed by ASPACE at NEST.