Aiming High!

Following the current trend for diverse, creative shelving solutions, why not dedicate a boring, bare stretch of wall to a shallow display shelf? Children are natural collectors, so select a shelf that will allow maximum flexibility as its use changes with your child’s interests.

Innovative and contemporary our stylish Anywhich Way Wall Shelf is a shelf that is more than a shelf! It’s a supremely useful, versatile, large shelf with incorporated bookends that can be hung vertically or horizontally, singly or grouped together, either way up. Available in solid white or with coloured bookends in red, lime, navy or grey.


Our conveniently sized, multi-compartment, wall mounted shelving units with their asymmetrical openings offer a multitude of possibilities from accessible storage to displaying treasured objects. Hang them on their own, or if you want to make a bigger decor statement with a really eye-catching presentation, then why not place two alongside each other or one above the other for extra storage space?

Wall ShelvesCreate your own arrangements for a customised shelving solution with our Tessera Curved Shelf. It’s the perfect accessory for bringing a touch of colourful joy to any space and transforming a dull, empty wall into a stunning room feature. With concealed fittings for a sleek and contemporary finish, this stylish shelf can also be hung in lots of different ways. We are talking supremely flexible storage here with a mix and match opportunity for an eclectic and playful look! Available in a variety of different colours.

Bloc Storage for Kids Rooms Shelving Modular

This simple, narrow, solid oak ledge shelf is great for books or framed photographs. Hang one or lots together, perhaps above a desk, in a playroom or even next to a bed.


Introducing a storage box with multiple functions! Hang it on the wall, singly or in multiple combinations. You can even hang it on the angle, in a diamond shape for a cool, funky feel. Perfect for turning special treasures into wall art. And if that doesn’t suit, then why not mount it on the wall alongside a bed? Singly or even one on top of the other? What about in a row, mounted on a wall above a top bunk? Both these ideas, mean you’ll create the perfect place for holding a bedside lamp, a glass of water, their favourite friends and of course, bedtime reads.  Easy to mount, easy to place.

Wall Shelves 1aFinally what about this contemporary alternative to a bookcase or shelving? Our sturdy Carlton Shelving Unit has five fixed shelves set out in a ladder configuration and to ensure the unit is secure and safe, there is a wall fitting hidden beneath the top shelf to avoid any toppling.

Carlton Bookcase Leaning Shelving Unit for Kids White Storage Red

By allowing your child’s personality to run free with a personalised display, and with so many exciting shelving choices available to enable you to put your walls to work, their own private space should become a strong memory for them.

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