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About Us

When Belinda McCall and Vanessa Gibson founded NEST in 2009, their vision was to give South Africa’s families fresh, functional and contemporary ways to furnish a home. So they started with the kids, and created groundbreaking ranges of furniture and storage solutions for the nursery and beyond. And to go with it, there is now an ever-increasing range of accessories, as well as hard-to-find toys and other nifty stuff that will look good and do the job without fuss for years to come.

Our guiding philosophy is based on four indispensable principles: exclusivity, innovation, functionality and great quality.

At NEST we believe children can flourish without forsaking the style of the family home. As well as being useful for kids our products are always sturdy, stylish, imaginative and practical. Our ultimate goal is to bring order and a fresh, contemporary aesthetic to the family home by offering a range of exceptional products that are also exclusive.

Nest is unique in a number of ways:

  • We aim to grow our sector and build our market share by offering products that you will not find anywhere else
  • To survive and thrive in an intensely competitive retail environment we maintain a distinct point of difference by being specialist. We do not want to generalise and be all things to all people
  • By working with our off-shore sources in Asia and Europe, we are able to offer well designed, great quality product at fair prices
  • We test all our products very hard so that we only sell what works for parents. By only offering the best of what works, by developing it ourselves, we aim to build an unrivaled position of trust within our sector
  • We listen to our customers to determine their wants and needs. This provides us with another level of information about new products. Customers are asked to judge new products based on value, performance, quality, usefulness and safety – this means everything from packaging to assembly instructions, to construction and durability, design and function. Any ideas for improving products are always considered and then passed onto our manufacturers. If you have any comments or feedback that you would like to share with us then please do get in touch. We are always happy to hear from you!
  • Our key products are usually photographed in a lifestyle setting. By building cohesive ranges linked to our values and by presenting them together, we want to invite customers to create their own unique collections of stories which work with colour, texture and pattern to reflect their children’s dreams, aspirations and personality.
  • Our larger pieces of furniture usually come flat packed with simple assembly instructions, so that customers aren’t charged for things they could easily do themselves.
  • We have a strong commitment to excellent customer service, which means that orders can be placed with confidence.

At Nest, we recognise that ultimately customers want the best idea, the best-made, at the best price and only for themselves.

Your Team at Nest

Belinda’s and Vanessa’s backgrounds and combined experience of working in product design and development, buying, merchandising, sourcing, importing and manufacturing goods for retail distribution over the last 20 years, in the UK and SA markets respectively, means that they are in a great position to understand how to evolve and drive the NEST brand forward.

By combining sound commercial awareness with a highly creative approach, they have been able to develop the NEST range in a unique way, building a comprehensive offer of innovative, inspirational and exclusive storage, furniture and room accessories, as well as hard-to-find toys and practical products that parents and their children will love!

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