A Word Of Art…

This year…make time to read to your children!

Verushka, our Children’s Book Expert from “The Book Lounge” – an independent bookshop in the Eastern Precinct of Cape Town City Centre, makes some great recommendations here, that might just help to get your kids hooked on books! Thanks Verushka!

Mr RennyTitle: The Magical Life of Mr. Renny

Author:  Leo Timmers

Publisher: Gecko Press

Price: R135 (paperback)

Summary: Mr Renny is a very good artist, but no one wants to buy his paintings, so he is hungry! He often looks at Rose’s stall that is always bustling with people, as she sells the freshest fruit. When a stranger appears one day he makes Mr Renny an offer he can’t refuse and soon he has everything he has ever wanted, or so he thinks. Maybe being an artist is more important than being rich. Leo Timmers is an amazing illustrator, making the book a work of art in itself.

Harold and the Purple CrayonTitle: Harold and the Purple Crayon

Author:  Crockett Johnson

Publisher: Harper Collins

Price: R115 (paperback)

Summary: First published in 1955, Harold and his purple crayon has been a much-loved classic for many years. With simple line drawings we see how Harold’s imagination takes on a life of its own as he draws different things with his crayon – from a moonlit walk, to a hungry moose who eats his left over pies. Harold draws a great adventure for himself, until it is time to draw his bed and pillow and finally Harold goes to sleep with the crayon on the floor next to him. This book is a tribute to how timeless our imagination can be.

I am an ArtistTitle: I am an Artist

Author: Marta Altes

Publisher: Pan Macmillan

Price: R169 (hardcover)

Summary: This is such a clever and funny book – a real treasure! The young boy sees himself as an artist, but his mother just sees him as messy. The text is very witty and perfectly explains how we can see the same thing, but experience it differently. A great first introduction to early art concepts plus a must-read for all moms with witty little ones.