A Space To Play!

Giving kids a specific area for their toys allows them to develop a sense of responsibility for their play space. A dedicated area is also the best way to organise kids toys and minimise the amount of mess in other areas of your home.

You don’t necessarily need a spare room to give kids space to play. Use your imagination and explore other possibilities to find a solution. You might be able to set up a play area on your stair landing or at the end of a passageway (if there is enough space) or simply demarcate a section of a family room by using a colourful rug to create a play nook that your children will spend hours enjoying.

Whether you are transforming a small space within a larger room into a “playroom” or you have an entire room intended for this purpose, it makes sense to centre the design of your play space around a colourful rug. Apart from creating visual interest a rug will also provide comfort and warmth for kids to play on the floor. Add comfy bean bag seating in bright, coordinating colours to create a cosy spot to cuddle up, read and imagine.

Every child needs an inspirational, creative space where they can paint, draw, play games or do puzzles together, so include a play table and chair set. Some play tables feature a built in craft paper station whilst others have lots of useful storage – perfect for housing toys, Lego, craft products and much more.

To encourage a love of reading be sure to add a bookcase. Front-facing shelves allow your child to pick out books for themselves, so you are more than likely to find your child curled up, reading!

Who says storage has to be ugly? Add some stylish, portable storage that is easy for young kids to use independently. Brightly coloured storage boxes will add pops of fun colour to a play space plus also allow for easy clean up.

A child-sized coat stand will help ensure jackets, caps, bags and dressing-up outfits get hung up neatly.

Lend a playful, decorative touch to a play space by adding children’s art. A lipped floating shelf is ideal for displaying their latest masterpieces and provides a flexible and effortless way to change your displays as often as you like.

Sometimes the simplest supplies are the best!  Why not add a cork board or chalk board for all their daily reminders?

Our list of must-haves for creating a bright, cheerful place that’s all about toys, crafting and reading:

  • a floor rug
  • a playtable and chair set or art table
  • a bookcase or wall shelf (within easy reach)
  • storage for toys, games and puzzles
  • a comfy seat

To get you started, we’ve put together 3 simple looks using products from the NEST range:

Create the Look – Playroom 1

Create the Look Playroom 1

1) 5 Bin Storage Unit –

2) Star Table and Chair Set –

3) Sling Bookcase, Natural –

4) Super Star Rug, Navy –

5) Beanbag Chair, Red Gingham –

6) Stackable Box, Red –

7) Stackable Box, Navy –

8) Coat Stand, Navy –

Create the Look – Playroom 2

Create the Look Playroom 2

1) Heart Table and Chair Set –

2) 12 Bin Storage Unit –

3) Happy Home Corkboard –

4) Coat Stand, White –

5) Nantucket Storage Bench, Pastel –

6) Chevron Wool Rug –

Create the Look – Playroom 3

Create the Look Playroom 3

1) Happy Home Blackboard –

2) Chalkboard Art Table with Stools, Paint Cups and Paper Roll –

3) Wooden Bookcase, White by Tidy Books –

4) Stackable Box, White –

5) Stackable Box, Grey –

6) Star Rug, Large –

7) Wooden Book Box, White by Tidy Books –

Happy decorating!