A Smart Piece Of Furniture…

by Leigh from The Mom Diaries

Living in an old Art Deco apartment means we have had to think smart around how we utilise our space. While our home may be big as far as flats go, we don’t have copious amounts of space when it comes to storage, and so finding a place for everything can be a constant challenge. Of course what makes it harder is having three small children in the mix who don’t always share my need for tidiness and structure.

Over the last few years my passion for decor and design has spilled over into creating spaces in our home that are beautiful as well as functional and I have found myself having to think outside of the box when it comes to trendy storage solutions that allow us to keep with the general theme of our home. We have had to adopt an almost European way of thinking when it comes to functionality and design and I have spent many hours sourcing pieces that I think would work well in our current set-up.

When Hunter was born our boys were forced to double up in a room that is no more than 5m squared meaning we really had to be wise with how we utilised the space. With double of everything, we had to find a way to store toys, books, games and clothes more effectively.

It obviously made sense to use bunk beds as apposed to single beds and so we chose the Classic Bunk Bed with Underbed Drawers by STOMPA from Nest Designs .


What’s amazing about this bunk bed it that they can eventually be used as single beds if we mover into a bigger home. Right now the boys love their bunk bed, which have double functionality with their bottom drawers. These drawers are perfect for storing toys of all sizes and we have used transparent containers for lego, cars, figurines and play doh cutters etc….


For a limited time you can get an automatic 15% off the Classic bunk beds at checkout from Nest Designs! (And anything over the value of R7500 on their website!) This means that you will only pay R7225 rather than R8500. You will SAVE R1275! (There are plenty of other gorgeous bunks to choose from with appropriate discounts applied!).