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8 Easy Steps To Creating A Shared Space

Not only are bunk beds the most practical way to accommodate room sharing and sleepovers, they also let you use the same valuable floor space twice. Our unisex range of bunks can be styled to suit any room. Some even convert into two full sized single beds for later use. Plus you can also be sure that they are all designed to the highest standards of safety and quality. Check out our 8 simple steps which might help you get inspired for creating the perfect shared space for your kids.

8 Easy Steps to Creating a Shared Space 1

8 Steps Shared Space

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  1. Bunk Bed – https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/furniture/bedroom/all-bedroom-furniture/fargo-bunk-bed-farleigh-grey-by-little-folks/
  2. Clip On Lamp – https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/decor/clips-lamp-with-chrome-edge-grey-by-lifetime-kidsrooms/
  3. Bunk Bed Buddy – https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/furniture/bunk-bed-buddy-white-by-tidy-books/
  4. Mattress – https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/bedding/all-bedding/s-flex-air-flow-mattress-by-stompa-190x90cm/
  5. Fitted Sheet – https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/bedding/all-bedding/navy-gingham-fitted-sheet-single/
  6. Duvet Set – https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/bedding/all-bedding/navy-gingham-duvet-set-single/
  7. Rug – https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/decor/explore-handwoven-rug-by-lifetime-kidsrooms/
  8. Alarm Clock – https://www.nestdesigns.co.za/product/decor/bell-alarm-clock-white/

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Up to 50% off our most trusted, exclusive, high quality brands.