3 Tips To Make Their Bedtime Ritual Fun And Easy

Putting kids to bed does not always go smoothly for everyone. Nine times out of ten things don’t go to plan. Kids will try anything to stay up for an extra half an hour. Here are three tips to make their bedtime ritual fun and easy.


Tip 1: Rest and routines

Provide a regular routine so that your child knows what will happen. Children feel more secure and comfortable when they know what to expect at the end of every day. Be realistic and plan enough time for yourself and your child to get ready to go to bed. Going to bed in a relaxed mood will help to ensure your child sleeps better, so reserve the hour before bedtime for quiet play. If the routine follows a natural and consistent pattern, your child’s body clock will adjust much more quickly to it. So set a specific time and then stick to it.

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Tip 2: Create a cosy atmosphere

This certainly is an important factor in the ‘going to bed ritual’ for your child. Make sure that your child’s bedroom looks inviting and that it is also tidy. Choose comfortable bedding and pajamas that are neither too warm nor too light. When your child feels safe, he or she will go to bed with a good feeling. A children’s duvet cover set from our collection here at NEST should not be missed! If you need to make your child’s room more tranquil then take a look at our full range of kids bedding by clicking on this link

There are so many wonderful details in some the prints, so why not use them to tell your child a story before bedtime? By making bedtime stories part of a nightly routine, and getting your child involved too, you create an opportunity to bond with your child. Telling stories will also help your child unwind before going to sleep.

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Tip 3: Enjoy and relax

Life as a parent is busy and sometimes the word bedtime may as well be a swear word! When everyone is tired and you just want to get to bed, it can be hard and frustrating when your child resists. Even if you’re pressed for time, just try to remain calm. Rather try to relax and enjoy the moment. Give your child all your attention. When you are relaxed this also has a positive effect on your child. There is a big chance that everything will run a lot more smoothly, and when your child has drifted off to sleep the bonus for you will be a little more adult time each evening to unwind.

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