10 Tips For Creating A Great Space To Play And Learn

School is out! July holidays are in full swing and I guess, many parents are wondering how to keep their kids occupied.

When it’s too cold for kids to play outside, I believe that a great play and learning space inside is essential.

If you are feeling inspired this holiday to create an interior play space that your kids will love, then take note of our top 10 tips.

1) Find the right space

If your home is large enough to have a dedicated play room then great, but if it isn’t then you will need to create a play area in the corner of a living room, family room or any other shared space. Choose a space that is inviting with lots of natural light.

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2) Rugs

Cover hard floors with soft, colourful rugs to create a safe, inviting and vibrant room.
I spy3) Make the space fun

You want your kids to love this space. You want it to feel special. Give the playroom an identity with personalised style. Frame favourite paintings that your kids have created themselves.

4) Doodles and reminders

To avoid scribbles on freshly painted walls add a chalkboard or a simple coat of blackboard paint on a wall or cupboard door.  If messy chalk dust isn’t your thing then add a magnetic whiteboard. Our “ForgetMeNot” Noticeboard from Tidy Books has pegs for your children to hang up bags, the magnetic whiteboard holds letters, while the deep, lipped shelf stores homework books and other bits and pieces, meaning no more forgotten party invites or sports kit.  Even your children will enjoy getting organised!

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5) Combine education and play

Children don’t play 24 hours a day, so why not combine the two functions and add a desk? Desks for kids that have computers and organised space for school work and activities, can later be used for board games and crafting projects.

6) Book nook

Reading and picture books are a vital part of your child’s development and giving them a playroom with a place to take time out is just important as a space for lively play. Add a bookcase and fill it with plenty of accessible books.

Tidy Books Bookcase Pale Grey Book Storage Reading Shelf for Kids Solid Wood Children
7) Floor Storage

One thing you can guarantee with a playroom – you can never have enough storage! Toys seem to multiply while you aren’t looking! Accessible storage at the right height is a key element for keeping the room organised. Toys need to be easy to access and tidy away. You’ll also need storage for stationery that will keep supplies and creative materials orderly.

8) Wall Storage

To make more space add wall shelves and transform boring, bare walls into a stunning room feature.

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9) Play Table and Chair Set

Playing on the floor all the time is no fun. A suitably sized table and chair set  will proved the perfect spot for tots to do jigsaws, painting and drawing.


10) Add fun extras

What do your kids like to play with?  Do you have a budding chef in the family? Consider adding a special toy that will actively encourage Pretend Play. When we let our imaginations take over and when we really play together, as children want to do, there are no limits as to where their minds can take them and there is no chance of running out of things to enjoy and talk about with them!

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Remember the happier they are playing to their hearts content, the happier your home will be!

Happy holidays everyone!